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Based in Dallas, Texas, the Hulse Law Firm represents individuals and businesses – from small corporations to large corporations – in a variety of complex civil litigation matters. Ms. Hulse has extensive experience litigating cases in both state and federal courts on behalf of her clients, and has gained the respect of her peers in the legal community as a litigation attorney. Her skills help her to communicate effectively and professionally with her clients, other attorneys, and the courts, in order to seek justice and a fair and cost-effective resolution in each client’s case.

Civil Litigation: For individuals and businesses, Ms. Hulse is an aggressive and creative advocate who understands the details of the civil justice system. If you are a victim of lawless acts, negligence, fraud or deceit, or are accused of a wrongdoing, Ms. Hulse has the experience to find a resolution to the problem at hand. Our firm works closely with clients to achieve the most efficient solution for each case, while protecting each client’s confidentially, safeguarding their rights and interests, and presenting the strengths of their case.

Personal Injury: Ms. Hulse understands the pain and frustration that arises out of any personal injury, and works hard to maximize her clients’ physical and financial recovery. Injuries can have an overwhelming effect on your family, finances, and enjoyment of life. As a former lawyer for an insurance company, Ms. Hulse has experience in a wide variety of personal injury actions such as automobile, motorcycle, truck, bus, boat and train accidents, including cases involving permanent injury or death.

Together with her devoted staff, Ms. Hulse strives to provide the highest level of service to clients. Monetary compensation is no substitute for health or a congenial business relationship, but we work hard to hold the responsible parties accountable by having them pay for the damage they caused you or your business, and help you regain peace of mind and a sense of justice.

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Founding attorney Valerie Hulse has nearly 20 years of experience as a litigation lawyer. She is known and respected in the professional community and beyond.


The founding attorney has extensive experience preparing and litigating cases in state and federal courts. The firm’s mission is to provide the highest level of service to our clients.


We work closely with our business clients to assure the most efficient resolution, while the attorney vigorously protects their rights and interesrs, and presents their strongest and best case.

The Hulse Law Firm is a Dallas based litigation boutique law firm that focuses on complex civil litigation work. The firm’s mission is to provide the highest level of service to our clients.